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Pricing your next WordPress Project

pricing your next WordPress project

Pricing is the topic of some of my recent writing. In my eBook on pricing, I share stories to try to make this complex topic a lot easier to navigate (but make no mistake, pricing is tough).

If you haven’t read it yet, you may want to read some of the reviews:

  1. The Matt Report’s Review

  2. WP Mayor’s Review

  3. Curtis McHale’s Review

The eBook, which I hope you enjoy, is focused on product pricing. And while the lessons apply to service delivery, it’s not exactly the same.

What about pricing services?

That’s why late last year my friend Steve and I teamed up to share some tips and tricks on pricing to an audience in Las Vegas. We had a blast during our hour long session and the video of the event was recently posted online – which is why I thought I’d share it with you here.

[wpvideo 4keUiZV1]

WordCamp Miami

This May I’ll be in Miami, speaking at WordCamp Miami (you can still buy tickets right now) and my topic will, once again, be pricing. Only this time, I’m speaking without Steve. And of course, I’ll be sharing new stories that will help you think about pricing.

But until that time, I thought I’d share some of my other recent pricing posts to get you warmed up.

So here are some of my favorite posts:

  1. Your pricing may be low because you’re letting fear get in your way

  2. Discounts don’t always work the way you want them to

  3. How airline pricing might teach us something

and I can’t ignore the post that got me in trouble and created the #blamelema hashtag:

  1. WordPress plugins are priced too low

What pricing questions do you have?

As I was prepping to step onto the stage in Las Vegas (there was no stage), someone told me “I have pricing down. I may be able to skip your session.”

Of course, I took it as a challenge to make sure they got at least one thing from our talk (while hoping Steve would do the hard work).

So maybe you’re in the same position – thinking you have most of it nailed down. Except for maybe one thing. I want to know what that one thing is. Because it will help me prep my next talk, and I’ll take it as a challenge to get all the questions answered while still telling stories that engage you.

So let me know what questions you have…



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