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WordPress Themes are Changing

Normally when I sit down to write a blog post, it’s from the ideas that are in my head. Tonight as I sat down to write, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the presentation I’d seen earlier in the day.

Pretty sure I noticed the material from Twitter, but however I got to the link, I ended up watching a long talk about Creating Themes with the WordPress REST API.

It’s a screencast of a WordCamp London talk that Jack Lenox delivered. And I thought, if you had some time, I would share with you. (Follow him on Twitter, or come see him at this year’s WordCamp Europe.)

To be clear, this is more “developer-ish” than normal on my site, but it’s so cool that I thought I would share it.

Can you imagine the kinds of immersive interactions you could have? Where the site doesn’t even look like WordPress – because the theme was created in a completely different way than before.

Which is why I’m saying that WordPress themes are changing.

Because their very definition might no longer include the files we normally think of.

All because of this thing called the REST API.

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