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Who wants to go to WordCamp US for Free? Act now!


Who doesn’t like free stuff? Seriously. Who isn’t for it?

I know I love getting deals. And I love free. Free airplane upgrades are pretty close to the top of my list. But I’ll be honest, free ice cream at the end of a meal, that’s pretty nice too.

But what about a free trip? Who wouldn’t want that?

And to the first, the very first, WordCamp US?

The first WordCamp US will have:

  1. All the cool people

  2. All the cool talks

  3. All the cool companies

  4. All the cool weather

Ok, so maybe the weather thing is…a thing. But the rest…trust me, you’re going to love the networking, learning and more that you experience.

And guess what? You might be able to go for free.

But only if you act quickly in the next couple of days.

WP Sessions is giving out a free trip to WordCamp US

“Wait a second,” you’re probably thinking. Nothing in life is free.

That’s not true. Your mom or dad may have told you that, but trust me on this, they were wrong.

Here are some things that are free in most places in the world:

  1. Sunshine

  2. Smiles

  3. Sweet feelings of appreciation I have for anyone who reads my blog

Those are all free.

I would have included water, but I live in California so…send me your water bottles.

You’re starting to wonder, is this whole post just a big promotion of my friend Brian’s promotion?

Almost. I thought I would include a video.

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