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Meet Syed Balkhi (by the numbers) and wish him happy birthday!

Do you know my friend, Syed Balkhi? No? He doesn’t pay me to be his PR. I’m just so impressed with him and how hard he works, and how generous he is with his knowledge, that I want to make sure you know him.

He’s the guy behind,, and tons of WordPress plugins. He’s written articles for every publication you’ve heard of, and he’s consulted with huge companies to help them figure out the internet.

Today is his birthday.

He turns 25. In a month I’ll turn 45. I work hard. I honestly wish I learned to work as hard as Syed when I was in high school. I don’t think I’ve met someone as diligent, consistent and awesome as him.

I could tell you all that I’ve learned from him in the last few years, but that would be boring.

So instead, I give you this infographic.

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