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Building a WooCommerce membership site?

I can’t tell you the number of posts I’ve written about creating a WooCommerce membership site. It’s a great solution when you want to do more than just a membership site.

I wrote about building what I call a “Platform” before. It’s more than a website.

  1. Part One: You need more than just a website

  2. Part Two: You need to start with a plan

  3. Part Three: You need to pick the base of plugins you’ll use

And I showed you, in detail, how to create a membership site with WooCommerce.

But you’ll notice that if you follow these steps, you’ll be using the free Groups plugin, and the WooCommerce extension for Groups.

And that’s where things get a bit challenging – because you might think you’re done when you’ve done all the steps.

The challenge you might face

Only, you’re not. Not done at all.

Because people who aren’t members of your site, and show up to protected pages, will get a 404. That’s the error code for a page that’s not been found.

The reality is that it’s there. It’s just hidden from non-members.

Help for your WooCommerce membership site

So what you need is one more free plugin that helps you redirect 404 errors.

Here it is: Groups 404 Redirect.

When you have that installed, you can route people who aren’t members to a new sign up page, to a login page or more.

Nifty right?

I just didn’t want you to forget about that one step (which I did a while back) and find out the hard way when people start complaining.

I caught the mistake in not sharing this with you when I got it in a comment / question today. So now you know and can mitigate that risk right up front.

Good luck.

And if you ever want to talk about your specific situation, we can always connect on Clarity.

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