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Are you using WordPress for coaching?

If you’re using WordPress to run a coaching program of any kind, I want to know about you.

What do you mean coach?

A lot of coaches, trainers, and others putting content online (or creating courses) often need two different dynamics on their sites:

  1. Content that all their students can/should watch (like video content)

  2. Content that is shaped specifically and differently for each student

If you use most plugins (membership or online learning) for WordPress, you end up being able to do the first really easily.

But if you want a page per student that is only visible to them, you end up having to do something special.

That’s what I mean by coach. I mean – you have the need to create a specific page that is only visible to you and your client. It’s a one-on-one page where you two get to communicate specifically about their efforts.

A lot of different people fit this model

You may not call yourself a coach. You may be a mentor. Or call yourself a guitar or piano teacher. Or you may be helping as an advisor, consultant, or assistant.

But if you are doing something where the normal protected page / protected video is good but not exactly enough, then you may be who I’m talking about.

I’ve been working on a little something – since I end up coaching folks this way (with a combination of material that is available to all the folks I advise, but I also need specific places for each client to get private material).

I’d love to know if you need this too.

So, are you using WordPress for coaching?

If you’re using WordPress for coaching, I’d love to know about you.

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