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You won’t have to become a WordPress expert once you see this

Now you have support options

If you are one of the countless folks that run a business that requires you to have an online presence (I’m sure there are still some companies out there that don’t – but it’s hard to imagine them right now), there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard of WordPress.

That’s good news. Because it’s an incredible solution for your website.

But just because it’s awesome doesn’t mean it’s always easy. A lot of it is easy, but it’s the stuff you want to tweak that always seems to be more difficult, right?

And so you’ve suddenly found yourself in this spot where you need to be an expert in your own business as well as an expert in WordPress (which may not be your business). And I know that can be frustrating.

So today I want to share with you some support options you have, so that you don’t have to become a WordPress expert.

Understanding Premium WordPress Support

Here’s an infographic I created to highlight what services normally come with premium support (as well as who the main players are).

You can download a high resolution version, or click the image below to see the full size version.

My Experiences

I’ve sent customers to maintainn and WP Site Care and they’ve circled back to explicitly thank me for introducing them to these folks. The words you hear back are “professional” and “thorough” and reports come back of customers who are now happy, relaxed, and not worried about their sites. That’s a great thing.

I’ve also used WP Valet for website migrations and they were incredible. They found issues before we did the migration, fixed them, helped my customer know what they needed to do to prevent future issues, and then took care of every detail.

And recently, I’ve been working with the guys at wpcurve – who are pretty awesome.

Beyond those direct experiences, I’ve heard wonderful things about Codeable from my friends at WooThemes, and I know the guys behind wpmaintainer and EmbraceWP – both of whom are stellar professionals.

So who’s right for you?

You know my answer before I type it, don’t you. It depends.

If you have a lot of fixes you want to make, and you plan to keep going back for more – you might want to check out wpcurve.

If you want to custom create your very own package via an a la carte menu, check out wpbutler.

If you want some business and marketing help while you’re at it, talk to EmbraceWP.

If you’re looking for one-off projects every now and then, talk to the folks at Codeable.

If cost is your highest concern, you can get started inexpensively with maintainn and WP Site Care and then upgrade your accounts when you need more of their services. wpmaintainer also gets you discounted development hours once you’re working with them.

If you’re looking for higher touch, with direct access to experts, you’ll enjoy WP Valet.

You’re best bet is to simply reach out and see if you enjoy your experience with them, because you’ll find out they’re all amazing folks.

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