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WordPress membership sites take work – the myth of passive income

wordpress membership sites - passive income

Passive income isn’t so passive

People will promise you all sorts of wonderful things – like helping you make money while you sleep. And while it’s true that you can earn money while you sleep, it’s not true that membership sites represent a general “set it and forget it” approach to passive income.

They take time to create new content.

They take time to manage conversion – constantly tweaking your sales copy, calls to action and more.

They take time to monitor and manage attrition.

They take time to… you get the point.

It’s not free. It’s not passive.

Last month I spoke at a conference talking about WordPress membership sites. While the first part is playful, the second half shares a series of plugins with the audience and helps them figure out which ones may be right for them. It may do the same for you.

[wpvideo jqrCT2mb]

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