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Why I only recommend 8 membership plugins

only recommend 8 membership plugins

Once upon a time…

A long time ago I used to have a huge key ring. It had keys to my apartment, multiple offices at work, some keys for lockers at the gym, and car keys.

The key ring was big enough I would clip it to my belt instead of putting it in my pocket.

And you can imagine what happened next, right? Every time I was walking in a grocery store or Target, people would ask me for advice and where they could find things. They thought I worked there.

The reality of the situation

In the end, it was awkward enough, often enough, that I decided to slim my key chain down to a few keys.

These days I get similar advice questions and questions about where to find the perfect products when it comes to membership plugins for WordPress.

But I’m not going back to carrying 22 plugins around with me. I’ve picked eight. And in the video below, I explain why some of the older plugins you may have heard of aren’t in my list of recommended plugins.

Are you ready to see which 8 membership plugins I recommend?

So there you have it. Right seems to be good enough to cover the majority of needs most people have.

And I recently compared them. Have you seen the list and the comparison?

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