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Who should you talk to if your developer goes AWOL?

Plan B
  1. Part One: What if your web developer / designer goes AWOL?

  2. Part Two: How to protect yourself from a designer / developer going AWOL?

  3. Part Three: What if your web developer went AWOL because of you?

And now we get to the final part in the series – a list of resources for you to check out, if your own developer bolts.

  1. Part Four: Who should you talk to if your developer goes AWOL?

The question is, who should you call when your developer goes AWOL?

And of course the answer is always the same, right? It’s my regular answer – it depends. The question entirely depends on you. What needs you have. What challenges you have. What budget you have. So what I’ve done is try to pick three folks to ring, in several categories. Chances are, they’ll be busy – because everyone is. But they’re still a good first step if your developer has gone AWOL.

Do you have a large project?

  1. Crowd Favorite – If you have a very large project with a lot of integration into existing infrastructure, you’ll want to talk to these guys.

  2. 10up – If you have a large publishing project, these are the folks to call. They’ve worked on several large online publications. Names you know.

  3. WebDev Studios – Their principles have written every book there is about WordPress. They take on all sorts of projects, including a lot of Microsoft blogs.

Looking to work with a smaller agency?

  1. Range – A small and distributed team that works on big and small projects alike, from themes to custom plugins.

  2. Slocum Studios – They’ve worked on big projects, but their team is nimble and able to take on more work.

  3. DigiSavvy – Focused on eLearning, eCommerce and other eThings.

Do you have a project that also requires attention to branding?

  1. Bourn Creative – Their principles have an unparalleled approach to incorporating your branding into a design that makes sense.

  2. Web Savvy Marketing – From themes, to SEO, to helping you think about how to do marketing right, these folks are ones you want in your corner.

  3. Creativity Included – A deep understanding of branding doesn’t have to scare you. These folks put it to work for you, and your design.

Working on an eCommerce site?

  1. Bright Agency – These guys have been doing a lot of membership and eCommerce work.

  2. Zao – The founder is also the lead developer on WP e-Commerce project.

  3. Curtis McHale – Another great developer that teaches college classes on eCommerce.

Do you need help with a Genesis Framework site?

  1. Carrie Dils – She runs the popular Genesis Office Hours podcast when not developing Genesis sites.

  2. Petersen Media Group – Jesse runs PMG and focuses on Genesis sites.

  3. Jared Atchison – Jared does the heavy lifting on several Genesis sites.

Have specific needs?

  1. David Bisset – Does tons of Buddypress work – enough to amaze you.

  2. Reaktiv Studios – They do site audits to review your plugin / theme performance.

  3. WP Site Care – They do maintenance on existing sites, but also take on small projects.

So hit them up, give them a ring, and tell them I sent you. If that helps, keep doing it. If it doesn’t, just mention your developer went AWOL.

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