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Want me to write about your product?

Every day, and I’m not joking when I write that, I get emails and people filling out my contact form with a simple note.

Their request is pretty simple.

I’d love it if you could share news about our new product on your website.

The idea, I’m sure, is that if I write about it the company will get all sorts of useful traffic that will likely turn into revenue. But even more important than revenue comes the ability to tell buyers that someone with some name recognition has written about their product.

Now, to be honest, I never think of myself as some sort of celebrity that would deliver those kind of results. But I’m sure it’s all a matter of perspective.

But today I want to share with you just a few bits of insights to help that email of yours make it thru my “trash” filter. Because most of these emails don’t even get a response. They go straight to my trash can.

Four Tips for Getting me to Write About Your Product

1. Tell me a good story and show me where I fit

Most of the time people who write me try to make some sort of connection. You know, “We met once at…,” or “We both know…” But that doesn’t do much. If you want to engage me, tell me the “why” of the product you designed. And if the “why” somehow connects to me – if I find myself in the story – I’m likely to pay attention.

When Nathan Barry contacted me about ConvertKit, he talked about the product he built specifically for bloggers like me.

I use ConvertKit – I even pay for it, no need for a free copy – because it’s a good match for me. And so I have no trouble recommending it to people like me.

2. Ask me for input about your product

If you don’t know, I’ve been designing and crafting software products for over 20 years. Not every blogger will have that background, but I have it. So asking me to write about your product without asking for input is a bit silly, in my case. If you want me engaged, engage me.

When the guys behind Maps Builder Pro approached me for advice, I helped them design a feature that may be the coolest feature of their new product.

And of course, that made it really easy for me to get engaged to write about it.

3. Get me early access to your product and give me a tour

My friend Syed runs the ever-popular Optin Monster. It’s an incredible product that every single person I know should use on their website.

How did I get started with it? Tours and conversations.

I must have spent hours talking to Syed about his product. We’ve talked about all its various versions and features. He gives me early tours of features that get me excited all the time.

And that excitement easily translates into my desire to write about it.

4. Let me give your product a try

Some products aren’t simple or small. Some take a longer time to review than just a few minutes or a quick demo.

When the StudioPress folks first started pushing out the new RainMaker platform, they were nice enough to give me a sample site which I could test out. That quickly translated into an article about the platform.

And more articles continued after that.

No shock that today this site is running on RainMaker – because I came to really value and appreciate the product they’ve created.

One Last Word

I do want to let you know that not every one of these will work every time. Sometimes I’m busy. This last week I was pretty sick. Those realities will impact what I write about as well.

But if you write me a quick, “Please write about my product,” email, it ought to be pretty clear that I likely won’t. Because you need to do more work than I do. You need to win me over.

That’s on you, not me.

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