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Want Maps Builder Pro for free?


I don’t know if you’ve seen Maps Builder Pro yet. It’s an incredible mapping solution that doesn’t just give you what Google Maps gives you.

The coolest feature is one I really hoped would be in there – the mashups feature. It lets you create your own points, to be plotted on a map, using WordPress and a little metabox to do it.

Now, lots of folks have created Restaurant Location and Retail Location maps before. And other solutions have existed.

But most of those solutions are tied to either a theme, or a specific plugin that only does that location map.

Maps Builder Pro can be used in a variety of ways, from routes to directions to, well, you know, maps!

So here’s the promotion

The single site license of Maps Builder Pro is $49 right now.

I have $500 to help 10 people do some amazing things with this plugin.

So what you have to do is simply this:

  1. You write a comment below that tells me how your new map is going to be awesome, change the world, have an impact, or do something cool.

  2. You click the tweet, letting others know about this promotion.

  3. I’ll read and pick 10 comments and send you each, via PayPal, $50 (and cover the fees to send you the money)

That’s it. Pretty easy.

Note: If you’re twitter handle isn’t your name, leave it in the comments so I know how to match your comment with your tweet.

Still not sure?

If you’re wondering what you might or could do, check out these demonstrations.

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