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Thank you. And stop using the word "just".

Today, March 31st, the month ends. Not a big deal. I know.

But for this personal blog, the one that carries my name, and has been my writing spot for almost 3 years now, we’re hitting a new milestone.

Every month more people stop by. Every month more people find out that there’s a post here that may help them.

Every month Jetpack and Google Analytics capture that data and tell me about it.

And today, I’ll have had a month where over 100,000 people stopped by. In a single month.

That’s crazy. I’m trying really hard to wrap my head around it.

Because I keep saying, to myself, “but it’s just a blog.”

Do you do that? Use the word “just” to describe your accomplishments?

Well, here’s what I can tell you – the secret formula I used – to make this happen.

  1. I didn’t stress over the numbers.

  2. I kept writing. Even when it was late and I was tired.

  3. I put a single person in front of me for each post and tried to help them.

  4. I tried, for almost all 920 posts, to stay positive.

  5. I shared the posts on Twitter and Facebook – and have started using CoSchedule to help me.

  6. Did I mention I kept writing, even when it was late and I was tired?

Along the way, I found structures to help me share my insights – mostly frames that let me start with a story.

But this post isn’t a story.

It’s just a little personal post to say two things to you:

First, stop using the word “just” for anything you do. Seriously. I suck at it and I’m trying. So try with me.

Second, don’t stop trying to help people. Challenge them. Inspire them. Propel them forward.

If we do these two things who knows what crazy things could happen. Things we might have a hard time wrapping our heads around.

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