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Success in 2013: Establish a Sustainable Pace


We all make plans, around this time of the year, about our next year. We set lofty goals. And then the year starts, and within weeks, we’ve burned out.

Sometimes it’s simply because we let things get in the way of our new habits, and sometimes it’s because our goals were completely unrealistic. After all, we often lie to ourselves (thinking we can do more – or less – than we really can).

But sometimes the issue revolves around a sustainable pace. So in this short piece I want to introduce you to a mantra I heard a few years ago that has really helped.

Setting a Sustainable Pace – Daily, Weekly, Annually

Here’s the mantra:

Divert Daily, Withdraw Weekly & Abandon Annually

I work a lot. If it’s not for my day job, then it’s writing (this blog or on a couple different ebook projects) or coaching. But I don’t work 20 hour straight. And I don’t work 7 days a week.

I take breaks.

Every hour or two I take a break to play with my kids. They’re home 3 days a week (because of the charter school we have them in). So that means I can tickle them as much as I like on those days.

Every afternoon I take a rest (big boy version of a nap) – because I know that my brain is pretty useless at 3:30 or 4 pm (my personal down time).

Every evening I spend time with my family for our pre-dinner updates on the day, as well as dinner.

Every week I take a day off where I do nothing. I mean nothing. No errands. No work. Just hanging out with the family, connecting with friends.

Every quarter I take my wife away for at least one night.

Every year I take a weekend off from my family to meet with a couple friends to think strategically.

Every year I take my family away for at least a week.

Every two years I take my wife away for a week alone – without the kids.

Like I said, I take breaks.

I work hard. I work long hours. And I try to make every minute of my work time count. But I take breaks. Because they give me perspective. And they give me the motivation to do the work. And most importantly, they help me establish a sustainable pace.

After all, I’ve been working long days for almost two decades.

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