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Selling Event Tickets with WooCommerce & Memberships

If you want to sell event tickets with WooCommerce – inside a membership site – here’s your tutorial.

Selling Event Tickets with WooCommerce

One of the things I hear about a lot from people who are already running a membership site is how to monetize events. Over the last several years I’ve worked with several membership sites that want to link events to their membership subscription so that:

  1. Only members can attend events

  2. Members get special pricing

  3. They can sell actual tickets thru their website

Today I want to show you how easy it is to do that.

What you’ll need

To follow along with the tutorial below (which will take you less than 10 minutes), you’ll want to have a couple things in place already.

What you’ll notice is that these extensions aren’t cheap. But this effort we’re going to step thru is for people who are already generating revenue from their membership site. So they likely have the first three in place and the only thing I’m adding to their list is the fourth. In that context, it’s not that bad.

Side note: in any context where you’re making money, I shouldn’t have to tell you that you may need to spend a little as well. Right?


So here is the video walk thru. I’ll show you several things:

  1. The settings of the three extensions

  2. The creation of products (membership & ticket types)

  3. The integration of products, memberships and subscriptions

  4. Protecting the ticket product from anyone except a member

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