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Removing the sort by price option & other WooCommerce questions


“I’m writing you because I have a few WooCommerce questions….”

Every few days I get an email about WooCommerce. Since I’m travelling this week with all day meetings, instead of answering each email individually, I thought I would answer them via this post. If you’re a WooCommerce person, you might like these answers too.

Q. How do I remove the “sort by price” option in WooCommerce?

I know you’re probably looking for a hook that you can use, but here’s a really simple solution you might be missing because you’re looking too hard. Simply use CSS to hide it.

.orderby option[value="price"]{
   display: none;

Q. Does every user have to register as a user to check out?

No, they don’t. In the WooCommerce settings, in the general tab, look for the “Checkout” options. The first one says, “enabled guest checkout.” Make sure it’s checked and you’ll be good.

Q. Are orders post types? What does that mean for my Yoast settings?

Here’s what you need to know: yes WooCommerce creates post types for your orders. What that means for you is that in the XML Sitemap page (of the Yoast options), you’ll want to check the following items to exclude.

post types to exclude:

  1. variations

  2. orders

  3. coupons

taxonomies to exclude

  1. shipping classes

  2. order statuses

  3. product types

Q. Is there any way to use WooCommerce if I don’t have a private IP and SSL?

Normally I’d say no way. But then I discovered CloudSwipe which doesn’t even need WooCommerce. And after that, I discovered Mijireh (pronounced my-jy-rah) and wrote about them in an earlier post – which leverages WooCommerce. So the answer is actually yes!

Q. Does WooCommerce work with QuickBooks?

I’ve never done it, but if you head to WooCommerce extensions you’ll notice there is one for QuickBooks. I’ve heard good things. If you find that it works, let me know because I know others that want to know.

Did these Answers help?

I hoped these were helpful answers. If you have other questions hit me up. I want to make sure you know what you need to get your next WooCommerce site live!

But don’t forget, if you have WooCommerce projects where you need some help, I know the perfect guy for ya!

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