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Pricing Lessons Everywhere


In 40 minutes I’ll be speaking on Genesis Office Hours to review my book, The Price is Right.

It’s an introduction to product pricing that I hope people find is easy to read and remember.

At least that’s what the reviews tell me in the US, and the UK.

But that, of course, is just a simple primer on a big issue that you could spend a lifetime on, collecting stories and lessons.

In fact, that’s what I do, in my spare time. I read journals about various pricing experiments. And so, as I prepped some talking points (because you never want to say that an experiment was done at Stanford when it was actually done at Yale), I thought I’d put it together in a PowerPoint deck that you may find helpful.

So here you go!

My Pricing Talking Notes

Pricing Lessons Everywhere

The truth is, we can learn from just about anywhere, when it comes to pricing. Good and bad lessons alike are in the everyday places we visit.

And at the end of the day, we can know these few things:

  1. We need to always test our ideas about pricing.

  2. We need to remember that it’s never just about money.

  3. Anchors work. Even when we know in advance. They just do.

  4. Humans aren’t as rational as we hope to be, or suggest we are.

But maybe the most important one is that Pricing is hard. So get some help.

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