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My Year of Events: Cabo, Cruises & Cars

Earlier this year, I let people know I would be attending a lot less WordCamps. Not because I don’t love them. I think they’re awesome. My reasoning was simple, WordCamps need more pastors rather than preachers.

But that didn’t mean I wouldn’t get a chance to see all my friends. I’ll still be heading to some of my favorite WordCamps – like Phoenix, Orange County, Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas.

While I cut down on WordCamps, I also announced that 2014 would be the year of events for me.

Why Events?

I’ve told you before that I am not driven by money as much as I am by influence and impact. I want to leave this world better than I found it. Bill Gates does that far better than me. But in my little private space, I continue to strive to help and encourage others to lead the full and complete lives they were meant to have.

Here’s what you and I know already. Influence follows trust.

And trust is built slowly and with face to face time.

So for me, I’m looking to create shared experiences this year so that there’s greater trust and I can empower and influence a smaller group of people in a stronger way.

Events, in my mind, are one of the best ways to create amazing shared experiences.

Private or Public Events?



As you can imagine, some events work better when you invite a small group of people, the ones you’re investing in, and gather them together. That’s an invite-only kind of thing. This May, I’ll be taking such a group to the Indy500.


Other events work best when you open them up completely to anyone who wants to go. In August (the weekend of the 21st), I’ll be inviting friends to join me on a short 3 day cruise to Baja Mexico.


And coming up, in April, I’m kicking off the year with an event that’s semi-private, but not exclusive. Anyone can choose to come. But it will be a small group, so that we can have the right impact. We’ll be headed to Cabo San Lucas to the place I vacation every year, to hang with some of the smartest guys I know – Cory Miller (iThemes), Syed Balkhi (wpBeginner/List25), and Karim Marucchi (VeloMedia/Crowd Favorite).

Three different events. Three different places. Three different kinds of engagement. But all building memories that should last a lifetime. 

Ready for CaboPress?

The Cabo Trip (CaboPress) is now available but tickets will go fast, since I’m initially opening it up to just 6 folks.

I would love to have you join me – check it out and see if it fits in your calendar and budget. If not, August’s cruise will be cheaper (but different).


Hit me up with questions via my contact form. I’ll get you a response as soon as I can.

Wait, how are you doing this? Are you independently wealthy?

No. But have you ever calculated the cost of traveling to 12 WordCamps in a year? It’s not cheap if you fly across the country several times and stay in nice hotels. I just determined that I could spend the same exact money and get people tickets to Indy500 or rooms in Cabo.

Or is this how you’ll monetize all that good will?

I know some of you are thinking…wait a sec, is this a revenue opportunity? No. It’s not. I’m not making money of these events. The cost of the Cabo trip is going to cover your room and your food, and the food for my friends that I’ve invited.

What if I can’t make it to Cabo, but I want to connect with all those folks?

There’s a rumor that many of us will be in Miami in May at WordCamp. We may even be on a business panel answering questions. If so, that’s a great place to connect.

My Question for You

So here’s my questions for you. Are you looking at how you spent your money in 2013 to see if there’s a better way to spend it in 2014? Are you building trust in the places where you really want it? Are you thinking strategically about how you build business relationships?

These are the questions I ended 2013 with. I hope they help you too!

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