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Make your blog photos pop!

By the time you’re done reading this post, I want to have done three things:

  1. Told you about a plugin that will help your images “pop” (since everyone wants that)

  2. Made a case for why a few WordPress writers might want to join me in Cabo this year

  3. Demonstrate that photos on blogs can help move people more than words

First, the demonstration

Here is a photograph of the Member Pool (one of several) at our place in Cabo San Lucas. I say Cabo, but it’s just a few miles up the road, away from the craziness.

The pool is awesome and I often head to Cabo when there’s not a lot of folks around. It helps that it’s one of only two 5 star resorts in the whole region. But do me a favor, click on the photo and watch is “pop.”

I know, you were thinking that I was going to make the image pop in some other way, with filters or something. But that’s for another post when I show you more about Soliloquy.

My point here is to show you how awesome this lightbox solution is for images – because it not only helps those images pop off the page, but you can customize it to support social sharing too. Look towards the bottom of this shot.


And just because I’m using black as the style of my display framing around the images doesn’t mean you have to. Though I think the black helps this next image. Don’t you think?


Second, the plugin

The plugin I’m using to showcase my photos here is called FooBox. It’s not just a lightbox for images on your WordPress blog. It’s responsive.

Yes – that means these images look good on mobile phones too! Also, FooBox works with other gallery plugins like NextGen, if you need that. And like I said already, FooBox has direct integration with social media sites – making it really easy for images to get out there.

Check this out – I’m going to use FooBox to show you it’s own settings.

Third, the reason for the photos

Could I have used any photos in this post? Sure. I didn’t need to show you how awesome the Fiesta Americana in Los Cabos looks. But I love that place. It’s peace. Serenity. Relaxation. And motivation – to do everything I do when I’m not there.

But this year I’m thinking of inviting a few friends to join me for a week of writing. I could tell you all about the place, but pictures do better than words – right? And a hot tub on your balcony is better shown than written about. Right?

I think the WordPress community, of which I’m a part, needs a whole series of business eBooks written – particularly for freelancers. And I’m thinking this would be a great place for a few friends to relax, brainstorm and write.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of a writer’s retreat in Cabo? Tell me in the comments… 

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