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Looking for WordPress Hosting – Four Options for You


Are you looking for WordPress Hosting?

I’m sitting here in SiteGround’s offices in Sofia. Getting ready for WordCamp Europe.

So it’s no shock that I decided to write about hosting today.

One of the most common questions I get on this site is about WordPress hosting.

  1. Who do I use?

  2. Why do I use them?

  3. Who do I recommend?

  4. Who should they use?

  5. Is there a perfect host?

  6. Who is the cheapest?

  7. Who is the fastest?

As you can imagine, the questions can get overwhelming in terms of getting every person a personalized answer.

Because the truth is really that simple. The right answer for you has to be shaped to your specific needs. Not a generic answer.

So here are the four options I would share with you.

The links below are the ones I referenced in the video above. Some of them are affiliate links, which means I get a small payment when you pick them. But it doesn’t cost you anything and my recommendations aren’t based on their payments – they’re based on what is best for you.

But wait, here’s one more option!

Everyone loves a bonus answer, right?

So let me just say that if you’re a business person, that is thinking about podcasting, or looking into membership content protection, and you want hosting (but also everything else in a single package), then you might also want to consider this offer.

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