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How to choose a WooCommerce consultant

People send me lots of projects

I regularly get inquiries here on the site about a WooCommerce article I’ve written. Until just now I hadn’t realized I’d written 24 articles on the platform, so it kind of makes sense that I’d get inquiries.

For the most part, I don’t take on a lot of projects these days. Between my day job, my coaching, and speaking – I have bandwidth for a limited number of WooCommerce development projects and they have to really be exciting.

I pass on a lot of leads

All that said, I still love the platform and because I get a lot of inquiries, I love handing them off to people. I’ve introduced you before to Brian Krogsgard, who got so many leads that he asked me to slow down. But hey, I don’t control your actions.

I’m also happy to know several other WooCommerce consultants who I refer to – after doing some scoping to make sure that the client has an appropriate understanding of what they want, and what they need to pay for that.

In fact, I do that often enough that a few friends of mine are turning it into a show.

Choosing a WooCommerce consultant

But since we’re going to be doing a show tomorrow on consultants – on the WPwatercooler – I thought I would jot down some of my most important tips on how to choose a WooCommerce consultant.

So here are the five tips I’d give you.

1. Make sure you share your specific needs before asking about experience. It doesn’t matter if they have general experience but you want someone to do something more complicated.

2. Make sure the consultant is asking you a lot of questions. E-commerce is not simple. If they barely ask any questions, it’s unlikely they can be as confident as they sound about helping you.

3. Make sure to ask about their previous experience with PCI compliance. Don’t ask what they “know.” Ask what they’ve done. Experience counts!

4. Make sure to ask about if you’ll have your own relationship with WooThemes. If they’re using their own extensions, it means you have to go thru them. If you’re buying them, you can interact directly.

5. Make sure to ask about your payment gateway preference. Maybe you don’t care how the money will move. But if you do, if you plan to use Stripe, Braintree,, or someone else, make sure they have the specific experience you need. It’s not always plug and play.

So there you go. I hope it helps! Let me know if you need help finding someone.

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