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How often should I blog?

how often should I blog

I hear the question all the time

How often should I blog?

This past weekend I spoke at a WordPress conference (WordCamp Chicago) on pricing. It was a fun time because I also got to share the stage with a friend. As I ended our presentation, I showed them a slide that told folks who we were and where they could find us online.


Then we opened things up for questions. I expected questions about pricing. And there were some. But then, things moved to the place they go, whenever I tell folks I blog daily.

How often should I blog?

The Answer isn’t Daily

Even though I write daily, I don’t recommend to people that it’s the perfect answer for them.

Last night I had a great conversation with a buddy of mine who is the CEO of a software company. He asked about the nature of blogging when you’re making observations of your own company – for everyone (including your competitors) to read.

I told him that many of my posts reference lessons learned five and ten years ago. And part of it is because I couldn’t have written those posts when things were happening – for the reason he mentioned. The other reason, of course, was that I was still learning the lesson as I was living thru it.

Should you put all your business out on the street via a blog? No, I don’t think so.

In another conversation last night, a designer friend asked if I just really liked writing. And in some ways I do. But I was honest with her – I like speaking more. And that’s why I hope as you read my posts, you hear my voice. I write like I talk – not in the formal approach that I learned in school. Topic sentence what??

She wondered out loud if she should blog more. As a designer, she loves the visuals. My response? Blogging may or may not be the best thing – but putting a visual online, in a post, and highlighting what you like about it might be helpful to a lot of people.

The Issue is really about being Helpful

My answer to the question at the end of my session was similar to what I told both friends last night as we were having personal conversations.

It’s not about schedule. But being consistent (at any schedule/rate) is helpful.

What it’s really about is about being helpful. It’s why I get into conversations. It’s why I give talks. It’s why I write posts. And it drives the pace of my blogging.

If you only have one really helpful thing to say each month, then blog monthly.

If you only have one insight per week, then blog weekly.

If you hang around with people 10-20 years younger than you, then you can probably come up with things that will help them almost every day. Just because of the life you’ve lived.

Does that make sense?

If it’s my own blog, can’t I write about anything I want?

It’s true that your blog is all your own. And you can write about whatever you want. That’s true. And if you want to rant, then rant. If you want to complain, then complain. If you want to upload photos of your cat, then go for it.

But ask yourself how often you head to Google and type something like this

Normally, and I bet you’ve seen this, you start typing something and Google gives you tons of options. Not so much when it comes to rants.

Know why?

Because people don’t search for it. They’re not looking for it. They’re asking a question and looking for answers.

And that’s why I think if you’re going to start a blog, start one with the goal to be helpful.

Getting Started is Easy

I’ve been talking to my wife about starting a blog about what it’s like parenting our kids. Our daughter (and maybe our son) is profoundly gifted.

I think she’s getting close. Once she realized all she had to do was write about some of the things we’ve learned as we’ve walked the journey we’ve already had with our fun (and sometimes challenging girl).

How often should I blog?

Of course she had the same question everyone else does.

My answer? As consistently as you can do it while being helpful.

For her, it might mean once every two weeks. Until she starts getting feedback that drives her to embrace her blog and starts writing more.

Will she blog daily? I doubt it. But that won’t matter. Her audience will love anything she has to say – because, as you likely know by now, my wife is awesome.

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