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High Performers love Mastery

high performers love mastery

What do you need to get started towards mastery?

I love writing, reading and interacting with high performers. And there’s one trap most people fall into when trying to master a new skill. This trap is so insidious because it traps all of us. So here’s my five minute explanation on the trap we fall into and the first steps you can take to get past it.

Are you looking at mastering a new skill in the next year?

You might like to sign up for my 5-part email series (one email a week for five weeks) to help you get started. It’s totally free. You’ll get 5 emails that feel like some of my slightly longer posts. They’ll inspire you. They’ll challenge you. (They may even kick your…like I said, they’ll challenge you.) Want a preview of the titles? Here you go:

  1. The Problem of Knowledge

  2. The Challenge of Time

  3. The Need for Habits

  4. The Requirement of Feedback

  5. From Mastery to High Performance

Go ahead – sign up!

Personal Mastery

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