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Forty Blogging Topics for WordPress Agencies

If you’ve been following along, I’ve already written forty blogging topics for entrepreneurs and forty more for WordPress freelancers.

But what if you’re neither a freelancer nor an entrepreneur? What if you’re a WordPress agency?

Well, no need for you to spend time staring at a blank screen either. So let’s dig into forty blogging topics for WordPress agencies.

Remember, it’s not the topic that makes your post unique. It’s the way you tackle the topic. Your perspective makes it interesting.

Posts about Your Opinions

  1. How you think about project budgets

  2. How you think about project management

  3. How you think about requirements and scope

  4. How you think about change orders

  5. How you think about maintenance contracts

Posts about Your Work

  1. Creating your own baseline theme / theme framework

  2. The boilerplate you use in our custom plugins

  3. How you build applications on top of WordPress

  4. How you’ve contributed to WordPress

  5. What you do to find the right customers

Posts about Your Customers

  1. A case study where you saved a customer some money

  2. A case study where you helped a customer’s site scale

  3. A case study where you custom created plugins for a customer

  4. A case study where you optimized conversions for a customer’s site

  5. A case study where you solved a highly technical challenge for a customer

Posts about Events

  1. A blog summary of a recent WordCamp talk

  2. The slides and/or video from a recent WordCamp talk

  3. An upcoming WordPress event where your team will be present

  4. An extension to a WordCamp talk where you go deeper on the topic

  5. The announcement of an upcoming talk at an upcoming event

Posts about Partners

  1. Which hosting companies you recommend

  2. Which plugin resources you recommend

  3. Which payment gateways you recommend

  4. Which design partners you recommend

  5. Which SEO partners you recommend

Posts for Customers

  1. How to enhance your email marketing

  2. How to make your web do more work for you than it is right now

  3. How to integrate your website with your CRM

  4. How to leverage blogging to drive traffic

  5. When is it time to re-do your site’s design?

Posts about Your Company

  1. Announcing new hires

  2. Announcing new leadership

  3. Announcing major company milestones

  4. Announcing your new site design

  5. Announcing a new product (theme, plugin, book)

Posts where you help other Agencies

  1. How you match project managers and teams to projects

  2. How you determine who speaks at conferences for you

  3. How you decide to give a customer a discount

  4. How you choose which plugin to turn into a product

  5. How you interview potential staff for particular positions

Tons of Blogging Topics

So there you go. Forty blogging topics for any WordPress agency that is looking at a blank calendar, knowing they should blog, but not having a clue what to write about.

If you already have a blogging schedule or editorial calendar – congrats! You can simply send this post to your friends that don’t.

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