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Forty Blog Topics for Entrepreneurs

Yesterday I wrote a post that gave WordPress freelancers 40 blog topics so that they wouldn’t have to stare at a computer screen wondering what to write about.

What I told them is exactly what I’ll tell you.

It’s not the topic or even the title that makes the post yours. It’s your voice. And your opinion. Five people could write the same post and have five different posts. Very different posts.

So here are 40 topics. All you have to do is make them your own.

Because we all want to hear your story. To be inspired by it. To feel closer to your company because we know your story.

40 Blog Topics for Entrepreneurs

Let’s start where all entrepreneurs should start.

Your Story

  1. The one problem we think is so worth solving that we started a company to do it.

  2. Ten things I could be doing instead of this, and why I’m doing this instead.

  3. Here’s the backstory of our business you’ve never heard.

  4. There’s a reason why we called ourselves what we did.

  5. We have a founder team, not just me. Here’s why.

Your Business Model

  1. Everyone has an opinion on freemium. Here’s ours.

  2. Our best marketing is you. Here’s how you can help us.

  3. We could charge much much more. Here’s why we don’t.

  4. We don’t want clients, we want partners. We’re investing in long-term relationships.

  5. Here’s how to know if you’re our perfect customer.

Your Product

  1. Here’s a feature we didn’t release. We could have. But we didn’t.

  2. Our most requested feature and why it’s harder than you think.

  3. Have we shown you our roadmap? Here’s where we’re going.

  4. Our first customers fell in love with this feature. Here’s why.

  5. There are three reasons we charge what we do.

  6. Here is our return policy – it’s important you know it.

  7.  Our long term plan is to remove features, not add them.

  8. One of the things people love about our product is not a feature (it’s support).

  9. Have you recommended our product to your friends?

  10. Our clients tell us tons of different ways they use our product. This story surprised us.

Your Service

  1. Yes we do charge a deposit (or set up fee). Here’s why.

  2. You could do it yourself (DIY) but we don’t recommend it.

  3. The behind-the-scenes look into how we do what we do.

  4. We only win when you do. That’s why our process works the way it does.

  5. Here’s how you can get your service for free (Yes, it will take you some work).

  6. We don’t offer discount codes or promotional pricing. On purpose.

  7. If we tell you we’re not a good fit, there’s a good reason why.

  8. We’re growing. Here’s what you can expect from us in the next year.

  9. We don’t do everything. Sometimes we partner with people. You’ll thank us.

  10. We hear tons of reasons why people come back for more. This is our favorite.


  1. We’re hiring. Are you a good fit for us?

  2. We’re raising our prices and this is why you’ll thank us.

  3. We’re expanding our offering. Here’s how to make sense of all the changes.

  4. In a few months you won’t see us offer this anymore. It’s because we’re focusing.

  5. Our approach to support is changing – for the better. Here are the details.


  1. We’ve made many mistakes. Here’s the one we learned from the most!

  2. Few mistakes will cost you this much. But it was worth it.

  3. It’s a tiny thing, but it’s had the biggest impact on our success. Here it is.

  4. Here’s the part of being an entrepreneur that no one tells you about.

  5. Five things I wish someone would have told me before we started this.

So there you go – forty blog posts that frankly, I think everyone should write.

In fact, I’m sending a note to our marketing team to get started. Of course they’re going to think I’m insane for having published this.

But like I said, what makes these posts unique isn’t the topic. It’s your take on the topic.

So good luck.

Want to talk more about your marketing efforts – we can always talk on Clarity, or in Cabo.

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