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Five Reasons Entrepreneurs should consider WordPress

There are tons of cool technologies out there. Lots. But that doesn’t make them the only option for entrepreneurs.

WordPress brings a lot of benefits to Entrepreneurs

I’m going to make the case that WordPress has a secure and central spot in the entrepreneurial landscape. See if you agree with me.

1. In the world of Lean, capturing interest and intent is primary.

Here’s what we all know – landing pages, forms for email capture, quick and easy ways to collect interest – these are all the things that entrepreneurs want when they want to validate a concept. WordPress is fantastic for all of that.

Everyone talks about a lean methodology, which puts a primary focus on data collection, and then I watch as they create all their lead generation material on hosted platforms where they don’t own their own data. My take? You’re better off with your own hosted WordPress site.

2. eCommerce is easy on WordPress.

If you’re selling a product, a service, or even booking a resource – WooCommerce can easily get you started. It’s powering 30% of the internet’s eCommerce stores already. And when you’re just getting started, and money is tight, spending money on an additional solution beyond your WordPress website to manage your eCommerce feels silly to me.

Most of the time, entrepreneurs just want to collect a bit of funds to ensure that people are seriously interested. I’ve seen startups use Gravity Forms and a Paypal integration to solve this. Either way, WordPress still makes this very easy.

3. Everyone is using Google and working on their mobile devices.

There was a time when people paid extra for a WordPress theme to be configured for SEO. There was also a time when people paid for an extra theme for mobile devices. If you’re still thinking that time is now, I want to let you know that’s all in the past. Today you can get tons of great SEO-ready and mobile-ready themes – for your website, but also for your web application.

4. You can build your application and/or workflow with WordPress.

This may be the biggest reason of all. WordPress is known for being a great solution for blogs and websites. But did you know that it’s ability to leverage complex forms with advanced behavior, and/or the creation of custom field inputs, allows you to create certain kinds of applications?

I’m not saying every application can be built with WordPress, but a lot of them can be. Especially first edition applications. And they can scale thru your first hundred, and even first thousand customers. And that’s a lot of revenue to put in the bank before needing to circle back to more development.

5. A lot of people already know WordPress

When you’re hiring people to help you enter data, when you’re hiring people to help you manage marketing, when you’re hiring people to help you build your first version of your application – wouldn’t it be nice to easily find someone who already knows the platform you’re working with? Hiring people who know WordPress is much easier than finding people who know the latest lead generation system, the latest email marketing system, and more.

Is it time you consider WordPress?

I don’t know if any of those five reasons make sense to you. But I hope you’ll consider them. And I hope you’ll consider WordPress.

Because it’s a simpler solution for a lot of things than other technologies. And it’s everywhere. It’s well supported. And there’s a huge community around it.

If you want to move quickly, use existing tools, consolidate your platform, and find staff easier and more quickly – using WordPress may be the best call you’ll make.

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