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Five places you should try to work (in the WordPress world)

Everyone’s Hiring – So What?

It’s true that in the WordPress world there’s so much work that just about everyone is hiring (including me). But who cares? Companies have always been hiring (except when they weren’t). They do so because they have their own agendas (growth, wealth, etc).

I don’t want to talk about them. I want to talk about you. Your agenda.

And so, with you in mind, I want to recommend five places you should try to work if you can arrange to do so. And I’ll tell you why.


One of the threads I’ll share here, but it applies across all of these suggestions, is that most people are limited by their own exposure. As a result, you’re only as good as the people you’ve interacted with because you didn’t know that you could be better. But you can. And to that end, working for the right CEO can do a ton for your ability to “level up.”

Cory Miller leads the team at iThemes and there is no one I would recommend greater when suggesting who you should try to work with. He runs his team and company a bit different than most. He treats them like family.

Of course, that can be good and bad – depending on your definition of family. But in his case, he’s the dad or brother you always wanted. His vision and desire to put you in the best position to succeed is worthy of your time.

Additionally, how he treats his customers is a lesson that you could learn and apply for the rest of your life and it will make you a better person.

Bourn Creative

When you first interact with either half of the Bourn couple, you’ll quickly notice that they’re looking right at you. Talking directly to you. Not looking over your shoulder in case someone more important comes along.

That’s because that’s who they are – passionate about their staff and customers. Focused on winning. All the time.

Yet, no team has optimized their business more (a lesson on its own), and no team has a better understanding of a work/life balance.

If you have the chance to spend a year with them, you’ll likely learn more than you can apply in five years – simply because of how they run their business and how they help their clients. And those clients keep coming back and wanting more. Crack that mystery and you’ll be happy for life (as long as you don’t share it with anyone but me.)

Easy Digital Downloads

How do you build a free product, monetize add-ons, monetize support, and grow a base of customers and contributors – all while supporting and taking care of the larger WordPress community at the same time?

Time spent working with Pippin will help you see it.

Tons of people want to learn it, but here’s the inside scoop. The way Pippin works (from observation, we’ve never talked about it) is that he funds what’s already working.

So start contributing code, or providing support, and as you do it, you may likely create a position for yourself.

Again, I make no promises. But I have watched it happen more than once. And each person has been pretty darn happy about their role, what they’re learning and the impact they’re having.

For Reaktiv Studios

No matter how advanced you are, there’s still room to grow. I don’t recommend that you work for Norcross because he’ll show you all his secrets. After all, were you to copy all his secrets you might end up wired on caffeine writing hilarious tweets all night long (which may make you more or less employable).

Nope. I don’t recommend that you work for Reaktiv because of the secrets. Instead I recommend it because there’s something you’ll learn there that you may not get in most places – the ability to learn how to learn.

If you ask for help in other places, people may give you the answer. And there are days where Norcross may do that too. He’s not a jerk. But more often than not, he’ll tell you to go look it up. Because that’s how he’s learned everything. Unafraid to dig into things and consistently make them better.

He won’t judge you because you suck. Because we all suck sometimes. But he’ll challenge you. And provide the context where you’ll learn more about code and more about yourself than in most places.

I recommend Reaktiv for mid-level and senior people who are ready to hone their learning abilities. The pace may likely be too fast for entry level folks.

WP Engine

The t-shirts alone should cause you to check out WP Engine. Best stuff in the game. But that’s not why I recommend them.

Like I started this list, I’ll end it to talk about the leadership there. They’re growing a business that is bigger and different than the rest of the companies on this list – because hosting is a different game. But they’ve assembled a sharp crew of leaders that are worth working for.

People talk about the under-representation of women in tech (and they’re not wrong), but this isn’t the case at WP Engine – strong women in leadership in the CEO, CFO and Customer Care positions – and they lead well.

They’re working with every kind of customer, solving every kind of challenge, and doing some really interesting things with their technology.

Check out WP Engine!

One last thing….

If none of those places are the perfect fit, for whatever reason, I did mention that I’m hiring (as are several agencies). Who knows, maybe Crowd Favorite is another place you should try to work. You can hit me up and we can talk about it.

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