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First Page Mobile: A Phone-Friendly WordPress Plugin

Responsive Isn’t Enough

Something like 20% of my traffic comes from mobile phone users. So I did what every WordPress guy does…I started looking for a responsive theme (I currently am using the Catalyst Theme) so that my site would look fine over phones. And if you’re anything like me, that’s where you leave things, right? But there’s a problem with that approach – because most of us have nice looking home pages that actually neglect to bring the most important information to the surface of our site for people to act upon.

Here’s a quick survey

If you deliver any kind of service, and a person hits your site on their phone, within 2 seconds, can they get to:

  1. Your Phone Number?

  2. Your Email Address?

  3. What you do/don’t do?

You see the problem? Getting your site to look nice (via a responsive design) only makes sure it looks good and is readable. But you need more, right? At least I did.

Hand-Coding to the Rescue

So here’s what I did. I started coding up a solution that would route all mobile users to a welcome page, and would have a link to the rest of my site. I didn’t want a bloated mobile plugin because my site already looked good for mobile phones. I just wanted a landing page for mobile. So I went searching online and I found a few articles that helped. When I  got it mostly working, I deployed it. But I hit some snags and so I turned it all off – frustrated. Here’s the truth, I don’t sell anything on my site (not yet), so it wasn’t that big of a deal…

And then I heard about a plugin…seriously, the very next week. And it promised to be exactly what I was looking for – a landing page plugin that worked just for mobile phones…

First Page Mobile: A Phone-Friendly WordPress Plugin

You have to visit this site to see it working…but it’s so simple that I can’t believe no one had done it before (or at least let me know about it). And it takes about 3 minutes to configure. So I did it. I added a photo, configured some text, dropped in my phone number and email, and added my social media urls and turned it on. And guess what? It works exactly like I hoped. You can see it here:

Get It Today

I could have written this at any time, but here’s the thing…I just found out it’s for sale at MightyDeals. It’s 50% off. So head over there now!

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