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Does WordPress need another podcast? Yes. ProjectBlender.

Don’t we have enough WordPress podcasts?

Before I answer… let’s just see where we’re at.

  1. The best WordPress morning show? WPWatercooler.

  2. The best WordPress evening show? DradCast.

  3. The best WordPress interview show? The MattReport.

Ok, so right there it sounds like a lot already. But there’s more. Because there’s also the Week in WordPress by Slocum Studio.

But here’s the thing – they’re each doing some different things. To be honest, WPWatercooler is really a show-about-nothing. I can say it, since I’m the show’s producer and it’s that way on purpose. It makes it fun to watch but is only educational by chance.

DradCast is a combination of interview and news show, like the Week in WordPress, with celebrities – as hosts and guests.

The MattReport is an entrepreneurial interview show – WordPress’ own Mixergy if you will.

So if we were going to create a new show, it would really have to be different. Not another plugin review, WordPress news show.

The State of WordPress

Here’s what I know. WordPress continues to grow – and it’s now at the point where almost 40% of people from 25-40 know it as a household name. That’s a big deal. My wife can’t explain what I do for a living (my day job), but when she says that in my spare time I help WordPress companies, people’s eyes light up because they know WordPress and that it’s web-related.

I guess developing enterprise niche vertical market software isn’t a household term yet.

So with so many people aware of it, three things happen.

  1. People want new WordPress sites – but have no idea who to trust to deliver them.

  2. They also have no idea how much they should be paying for them.

  3. And lastly, they don’t know where to start.

So we’re creating a show for them

Brandon Dove (of Pixel Jar) and John Hawkins (of 9seeds) are folks well known to the WordPress community and are my partners in a new WordPress podcast that will serve every day business owners who want a web site.

The show’s premise is pretty simple. Business owners will come on the show, live, and share what they’re trying to get built. We’ll review it, ask questions, and scope it out – narrowing it down to a specific scope that can be priced. Then we’ll tell that owner what we think it should cost them, how we’d build it, and how long we think it should take.

Mind you, it’s all our own opinions – making the show interesting since I’m not sure we’ll even see eye-to-eye.

But where the show gets really interesting is that we’ll then let developers express interest (and a bid) on the project, so that we can match them up. Of course we’ll be doing the curating to make sure the developers are qualified and vetted.

Announcing ProjectBlender

We’re putting it all in the mix on this one. Since putting up the interest forms on the site we’ve already received great interest on the developer side, with folks I know and trust already. And we’re seeing the client side start to come in too.

I’m positive this is going to be a fun show.

So keep an eye out. Here’s all the ProjectBlender info you’ll need (if you want to stay engaged):

  1. We’re on Twitter.

  2. We’re on Facebook.

  3. We’re online.

So follow us, friend us, and let us know if you’re interested in being a client or developer on our upcoming shows!

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