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Do you want to build a website?

Do you want to build a website? (A song for my 8 year old daughter Emily)

Do you wanna build a website? You don’t need to be a tech I tell you that it’s not that hard Let down your guard It will only take a sec

We used to code together And now we don’t I wish you would tell me why!

Do you want to build a website? It doesn’t have to be a website…

Go away, Dad. Okay, bye…

Do you wanna build a website? Or maybe build an iPhone app? We’ll use the power of WordPress, And Genesis We’ll build it in a snap

It gets a bit depressing A dead github Waiting for pull requests (tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock)

Emily, please I know you’re in there Know you like to work alone I want a great adventure A joint venture Pick up the phone

We only have each other It’s just you and me What are we gonna do?

Do you wanna build a website?

Now you can hear it from SoundCloud:

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