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Do you remember the show Hoarders?

It was a painful show to watch. Did you ever see it?

I’m talking about Hoarders – a show that lasted on TV for about four years and each episode felt worse than the previous one.

I don’t know if it’s actually a form of OCD or if it simply reminds me of that kind of compulsive behavior.

And if you’re reading this and want more information on it, here’s a couple of places you might want to go – because I’m not actually writing about it as a condition.

No, I’m asking you about hoarding because I think maybe a lot of us hoard information.

Ok, maybe it’s just me.

But I buy books. Not one, but three. Then I often only get thru two of them.

I buy training material, access to membership sites, and videos. And then I may not watch or read them.

Do you do this?

I’m writing this simply to say that while I consume a great deal of information and content weekly, there’s still tons of stuff that I purchase that I might not get to for a year.

I’m not exaggerating. Today I moved something in my office and found a book I bought a year ago. The crazy thing is that I almost bought online last week (again) – because I wasn’t sure I had ever bought or read it.

Or the jump drive in my luggage that’s still in my car’s trunk that has tons of great content on it. But it’s still there because I have so much to process already that it can wait.

And don’t get me started on the courses I’ve bought that I haven’t ever logged into.

I’m collecting information when I should be consuming it instead.

That’s why I’m going to start carving out one afternoon each week and use it to consume all the information I already have that I haven’t started on yet.

It easier and cheaper than buying even more content and information that I might ignore.

That way I won’t feel like a hoarder – I’ll feel like I’m getting the most out of what I’ve already invested in.

I don’t want to be an information hoarder.

What about you? Am I alone on this?

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