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Do you need a little eCommerce push?

They’ve done studies, you know…

What researchers have discovered is that we all walk around with ideas in our head. Things we want to do. Things we promise ourselves we’ll do.

But more often than not, we never start. It’s just on a list that holds all the things we never started.

What folks have determined, however, is that sometimes all you need is a tiny catalyst. A little push. Something small to trigger the start.

And then you find you’re off to the races.

Sixty percent of the time, it works every time!

Different kinds of eCommerce

eCommerce can mean a lot of things, right?

You might want to sell an e-book. If you do, there’s a great ebook for that. But even more importantly, there’s a great plugin for it: Easy Digital Downloads. 

You might want to create a membership site. If you do, there’s a great eBook for that. But even more importantly, there’s a great plugin for it: iThemes Exchange.

You might want to create an appointment-driven site. If you do, there’s a great video for that. But even more importantly, there’s a great plugin/extension for it: WooCommerce & Bookings.

Here’s how I want to help you!

Getting started with any of the above options may cost you a little. I know that. But I’m going to cover those costs for three lucky people.

That’s right – I’m going to give you a financial nudge. Just enough to get you started.

But first let me tell you why. 

Most people tell me that it’s too expensive. That even spending a couple hundred dollars is too much to get their store started.

I am polite. But I tell them that they need to spend a bit to make much more. After all, if you create an eBook and it sells 10 times, and you spent $100 to get your store started, then you only need to charge $10 for your eBook to return your investment.

Yet, people still keep their ecommerce dreams on the shelf. The fear of wasting $100, of losing it, is stronger than the excitement of making money.

So I want to mitigate that fear for three people:

  1. one person that uses EDD

  2. one that uses iThemes Exchange

  3. and one that uses WooCommerce Bookings.

I’m going to give each $150.

Now, if you look at this great bundle from Easy Digital Downloads, it’s only $80.

If you look at the cost of using the Bookings plugin from WooCommerce, it’s only $150.

And the membership add-on for iThemes Exchange is only $97 for 2 sites.

In essence, for three people, I will cover their plugin costs to get their store started.

Wait? What about the people who spend up to $150 and I don’t pick their site? Here’s what I’m hoping. I’m hoping my nudge gets you started and you suddenly notice how quickly you made a return. At which point, I hope you’ll still thank me even if I don’t cover your costs.

How to get an eCommerce Push

Here are the simple rules to become eligible for winning $150 for your new eCommerce site.

  1. You must create a new ecommerce offering on your site (this is not for folks who already have a site).

  2. You must use either EDD, iThemes Exchange or WooCommerce.

  3. You must create either a downloads site, a bookings site, or a membership site.

  4. You must then write an entire blog post about what you learned, and how easy/hard it was, and the plugins you picked.

  5. In your post, link back to this page. The trackbacks will notify me of your published post.

  6. Your site/store/membership site must be live by June 7th, 2014 (8 am pst).

  7. Your post must go live before June 7th, 2014 (8 am pst).

I will review the posts and the stores. And on June 8th, while at WordCamp Orange County, I will announce three winners:

  1. One for a Bookings site (w/Bookings)

  2. One for a Membership site (w/Exchange)

  3. One for a Downloads site (w/EDD)

So that’s how you get me to give you $150

It’s actually pretty simple. I’ve given you links to not only the products, but even resources that will show you how to do it, easily and quickly.

So right now, all you need to do is muster up the courage and set aside some time, and get going with your eCommerce dreams!

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