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Do you know my friend Lisa?

You can imagine what she heard when applying for jobs.

You  have probably felt it yourself if you’re prone to insecurity or the impostor syndrome.

“You didn’t finish high school?”

The kind of exterior you have to develop to navigate the world without a degree, much less a fancy degree, is one most of us can’t imagine. But she did it.

And did it so well, it took years for her to hit a new ceiling where it was clear her career was likely limited. Not because of the lack of a high school diploma, but because she was a woman.

Half of you have been there.

The other half have experienced a tiny bit of the same frustration if you’ve been close to being picked last for kickball.

  1. “What’s wrong with me?”

  2. “Why don’t they believe I can do that?”

But she wasn’t stuck at some little company.

She had been working in telecommunications for a major brand and had already led the initial development of retail stores across several regions. She knew things.

And that’s when a friend gave her the nudge she needed. “You know enough about this stuff, why don’t you open up your own store?”

Sometimes all it takes is a friend with some extra confidence that you seem to be lacking.

Going forward, she would need the confidence from others to give her the tips as she found herself in the normal challenges small business owners face – unpredictable costs, struggles with cashflow, and more.

To look back, you’d be impressed with her story of success.

First in the corporate world, and then as a small business owner.

But things hadn’t even started to get exciting.

Over the last several years Lisa made the shift from running her own company to helping others run theirs.

She comes to it naturally – as only someone can who’s experienced the frustrations of a small business owner. But it’s more than that.

There’s a generosity about Lisa that is contagious. And a level of support that bewilders the mind.

This kind of thing isn’t available anymore – screams your brain. But your brain is wrong.

It’s the old fashioned support of a friend who walks alongside you. Not an internet mogul who is looking to peddle quick tips and run as far away as fast as possible because they have your money.

Lisa has written the book, created the courses, shared the experiences and coached the business owners long enough to know that there is one thing that can’t be faked.

Being a lifetime resource.

If you’ve talked to anyone who has worked with Lisa, you’ll hear it. You’ll read it in their notes. They’re as invested in her life and they feel she’s invested in theirs.

She’s not going anywhere. In fact, recently, as Lisa was in the hospital, she was worrying about the appointments she had made for the upcoming week – while in the hospital!

People come for the learning. They come for the coaching. But they sing her praise because of the support. The sense that she believes in them even when they aren’t sure about their own plans.

Sometimes all it takes is a friend with some extra confidence that you seem to be lacking.

Can I tell you a story?

I need to pause here and tell you a quick story about my wife and her mom. Trust me, I’ll pull it all together for you in a second.

When my wife was learning how to crochet, she approached her mother to get some help. Her mom was in the hospital, and it was pretty clear to all of us that she might not be getting out.

So my mother-in-law showed Melissa exactly how to do the stitch. She worked for five minutes and made tons of progress. Melissa was elated.

Then my mother-in-law pulled it all apart. “Now that you’ve seen me do it, you need to do it on your own.” Oh I can’t tell you how challenging (and somewhat frustrating) that was for my wife. But it was the right thing to do.

Why did I tell you that story?

Well, one time Lisa was struggling with cashflow and got some help creating a full spreadsheet for her own business – years ago. The spreadsheet was filled, the calculations were in, everything was perfect.

Know what she did?

Emptied every row and started again. This wasn’t someone else’s doing. It was her own. Because she knew she’d have to know how to do it on her own.

And today she teaches this to others. Not just cash flow, but how to own, truly own, your own business – tackling the hard work.

Because let’s be clear about something. This isn’t all fun and games. Lisa will be the first to challenge and push you to do the hard work.

Check her out yourself….

Enough about me telling you about Lisa Larter…

You should check her out yourself and sign up for her webinar that is tomorrow!

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