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Do the words "WordPress Marketing Automation" go together?

What’s behavioral segmentation?

About a decade ago I worked with a startup that was building software that ran on kiosks in the mall. Who knows, maybe you played one of our little games.

It was the first time I learned of behavioral segmentation. You see, in the enterprise software game you don’t hear the request to track behavior for the purposes of making an offer. Instead, you hear about tracking behavior so they can fire people. That’s a different kind of behavioral segmentation and the only thing I was aware of.

Anyway, this software ran on kiosks in malls and in Target stores. You’d see the kiosk, play some flash games, and at the end, you’d win some coupons. Of course the trick was that as you played games, you were telling the software more and more about you, and that’s what drove the offers that would be displayed.

Why is it important?

The value of a targeted offer shouldn’t be lost on anyone. The reality is that if you offer me crappy things to purchase (like they do on Facebook), then I’ll learn to ignore them.

And I don’t like retargeting much either – where ads from the sites I’ve recently visited start showing up everywhere I go. That’s really poor behavioral segmentation since it’s based on a visit to a domain. You have no idea why I was there.

Behavioral segmentation, when done right, just feels natural. As I maneuver to and thru your site, you start noticing where I hang out. What I look at, and how often I come back.

You can use that data to change the nature of the ads, the related articles, or just about anything else – if you’re smart.

It used to Cost $500 or more

Marketo, Pardot, Net-Results and even Office AutoPilot all offer solutions that let you “score your leads.” That’s code for monitoring behavior (and in some cases demographic data) and then allowing you to act on leads based on their scores.

I’ve used some of these systems and they’re awesome. But they’re clearly outside the realm of a small business just getting started with their web site. At $500 or more a month (OAP starts closer to $400), these represent big ticket items for a lot of folks.

But what if you could see the behavior of the people that visit your site and fill in your forms for a lot less?

You can – with ORBTR.

This isn’t Google Analytics

To be clear, I’m not talking about seeing which pages most people hit. I’m not talking about seeing the paths that most people take on your site.

I’m talking about the following scenario (that happens on my site all the time):

A person comes to the site and navigates my posts for about 10 minutes. They click on several articles. They then fill out my contact form to ask a question. Then they leave. But days later they come back and look again at a couple of the articles – with a clear sense of a single thing they’re focused on.

With ORBTR I get an immediate email when the form is submitted (it works with JetPack forms or Gravity Forms). Then I circle back to the site a few hours later and click into my ORBTR leads section and find the person’s name (which I got from my form).

This is what I see.

Now I know more about this person, how to interact with them, and even what to offer (as a gift, or an up-sell opportunity). This isn’t generic stuff, it’s the low down on people who are engaging me on my site.

It’s exactly what my friend’s company was doing on kiosks in the mall years ago.

ORBTR just got Better

There’s some news you should know, which you may have missed, which makes ORBTR even better. They just announced integration with Zapier. This means you can take the data from ORBTR and integrate it with over 200 web services.

Now that’s just amazing!

This is WordPress Marketing Automation

I spent the last couple days talking with the guys at ORBTR – particularly Erik Wolf. One of the things I wanted was a better way to group people by “tagging” them. I’d do it based on their behavior.

Then I’d be able to invite them to free email courses and more (I did mention that ORBTR does autoresponders, didn’t I?).

As we talked, I was thrilled to learn that he saw the world exactly the way I hoped he had (basically, he agreed with me). So I know ORBTR is going to get better and better. Just watch.

One Last Note

ORBTR is relatively new. They’ve been around for a few months. I’m already a customer – a happy one. And here’s what I know.

I felt this excited when I first bought Gravity Forms. I could tell right away is was an incredible product with an amazing future.

I felt this excited when Types & Views first came out. It’s now toolset but it’s still amazing.

And now I’m thrilled to own ORBTR.

You know what I know? Each of those products changed the pricing (up) and switched their models (yearly renewals). But they all grandfathered in their early customers.

So please, here me when I say – Get ORBTR now, before it doubles in price.

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