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Did you miss these great WordPress articles?

dont miss these great WordPress articles

But what do you care? Right? If the article is great, you should know about it. So here’s a quick list of some great WordPress articles you might have missed.

1. GravityView makes it easy to create Business Directories with WordPress

Bob does a great review of GravityView – walking you thru some of its best features, showing you screen shots and highlighting how awesome this new product is.

2. Three hosting options for WordPress folks

Carrie Dils looks at WP Engine, FlyWheel and SiteGround – and highlights what they do, how they work, and gives you a nice comparison table for all three. And if you want more comparisons of these and other hosts, check out Ryan’s updated comparison of their performance.

3. Who do you take advice from?

I don’t take automotive advice from my dentist, and I bet you don’t either. Yet sometimes we fall into the trap of letting unqualified people give us advice and Mika writes up her take on this – and it’s a great one (again, I wish I wrote it!).

4. Thinking about creating a WordPress theme store?

Maybe you’ll recall that recently I did a whole series on the WordPress theme industry. If only Rebecca had recorded this presentation while I was doing that series, huh? It’s a great one and something you should watch if you’re considering spinning up your own theme store.

5. Honestly, go read everything here!

Jeni is an incredible resource for bloggers and it’s impossible to pick any one article she writes to highlight above the rest. I read her titles and wish I’d written every single one of them! 🙂 She offers coaching for bloggers and seriously, you should really consider it.

So there you go – five articles (or collections of articles in that last case) you should make sure you check out!

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