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Dates have been announced for Pressnomics2

The dates have been announced – and there’s one thing I can be super grateful for – it’s not the week in October when I normally take a vacation. But this October, from the 17-19th, Joshua and Sally Strebel will put on and host the second annual Pressnomics conference.

As a guy who focuses on the business side of WordPress more than the development or design side, there is no more important conference all year. I know some people will argue that San Francisco’s WordCamp is an incredible experience and I don’t debate that. But it’s big. And big means it’s difficult to connect.

There are a lot of ways you could spend $250 this year, especially if you make a living using WordPress. But the early bird ticket to Pressnomics2 has to be the very best bet, in my book. I even created a little infographic to help you consider your options.

So after saying all that, let me leave you with this particular charge.

Set up your flights. Get your stay at the hotel. If you call now, use the code “Pagely” and you can reserve a discounted room fee (I already have my room reserved). If you can’t get a ticket to the conference, just hang around – there’s tons of social time. And it’s totally worth it.

Just hanging out with these companies and people, and the discussions you have, will make it worth it.

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