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Creating Compelling Offers in WordPress

Are you Creating Offers?

Everyone has their own particular approach to closing a deal. And if you do business online, people will tell you that you need magnetic titles so that people open your email and click on your links. They’ll tell you that you want to A/B test your landing page copy to make sure it’s perfected and delivers the conversion you want.

I don’t disagree.

But what if you’re not an amazing copy writer, don’t have money for a copy writer, and are pretty sure nothing about how you write emails or landing pages could be called magnetic?

Have you heard of PURLs?

By now I’m sure you’ve received post cards addressed to you with some special offer on it. I call it junk mail and throw it away all the time. I do the same with emails that come to me. I can tell pretty quickly that they’re not really for me and they get deleted quickly.

But there are some emails I don’t delete as quickly. They’re the ones that look like this:

You know why, don’t you? Yup, I just saw my own name in a url. That url was personalized.

That’s the easy way to remember what a PURL is – it’s a personalized URL. And there’s a plugin that a buddy and I have worked on that creates these PURLs for you and your online products.

Elegant PURL

It’s a WordPress plugin that is remarkably easy to use. And we’ve finally crossed into the 1.0 status.

There’s tons of great videos that show you exactly how it works and you can find them on the ElegantPURL site, so I won’t go into every detail here, but here’s what you need to know:

  1. Compelling offers begin with your outbound email. ePurl (my nickname for the plugin) lets you customize your outbound emails with personalized information using short-codes so that the body of the email is personalized.

  2. Compelling offers include URLs that make you want to click them. ePurl puts a person’s name into each of your campaign’s emails.

  3. Compelling offers pre-fill out forms. ePurl integrates with Gravity Forms and Formidable Pro to populate forms so that users don’t need to re-fill in all the data you already know. That reduces the barrier and increases your likelihood of closing a deal.

Quick Peek?

Want to see a bit of how it works? Here’s a 5 or 6 minute video that shows you how you use it when creating landing pages.

[leadplayer_vid id=”509FA46053DC5″]

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