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Come get the weekend executive wpMBA on June 2

Did you get your WordCamp Orange County ticket?

I told you to get your WordCamp Orange County ticket the other day, right? I hope you did, because they sold out in less than 3 hours – a record I think.

Well if you didn’t get one, no fear – I have one more ticket, a golden ticket (if you will), for one lucky person.

Saturday’s sessions are going to be awesome – the speaker lineup is fantastic. But I want to announce a little something we’re putting together for Sunday.

Sunday’s Executive wpMBA – 3 hours of Q&A

If you attended San Diego’s Business Track, you know how awesome it was to spend five hours with some amazing speakers who talked business with you.

One of the things we heard back was that people wished they had more time for questions and answers. And seriously, how could people not want that from such an amazing group of presenters? I loved every one of them and wanted my own time with each.

So at WordCamp Orange County this year, we’re putting on an elongated Q&A with another amazing cast of WordPress folks – some of whom you know and some you may be meeting for the first time, but trust me when I tell you that you’ll rarely spend a Sunday morning as engaged in business topics as this one.

An Incredible Panel

Syed Balkhi – Check out his talk on Saturday, but join us on Sunday to ask him all sorts of marketing and conversion questions. He won’t tell you this himself (well, he might), but he’s done some pretty amazing things and worked for some amazing clients.

If there’s one thing I appreciate about Syed is that he’s not afraid to work hard. He’ll put in the hours, doing the things that he needs to, to make a business work. [Founder of wpBeginner]

Steve Zehngut – He’s also going to speak on Saturday, and you won’t want to miss it (some amazing mobile stuff). But on Sunday, join us to aks him anything you want about managing customers and expectations.

He’s literally writing the book on this stuff. He’s worked on some seriously large and long accounts, while also working with every day projects just like you and me. [Founder of Zeek Interactive]

Karim Marucchi – My co-moderator for our time together, Karim knows the service business. He’s been running professional service organizations (and taking them public) for two decades – both in the US and internationally. His client lists include names we’ve all heard of but he won’t tell you that, because he’s a down to Earth guy.

But his Fortune 50 experience will give you a perspective you might be missing. [Founder of VeloMedia]

David Henzel – By now you’re catching the thing these folks all have in common. They are amazing entrepreneurs and David is no different, as one of the earliest hires at MaxCDN. He’s their VP of Marketing, and could talk to you about that all day long.

But what I really find amazing about David is his consistent ability to find, nurture and develop engineering talent. He has a value for productivity over perception that you need to ask him about. [Co-Founder MaxCDN, NetDNA]

And I’ll be moderating our panel discussion, not to control it, but to make sure we get you as many answers as we can in the three hours we’ll have together (we may have one more special guest, we’ll see).

I do have a specialty, if you haven’t figured it out by now. I like to find and hang out with smarter, faster, and better people than myself so that I can keep learning. Trust me, this is a group you don’t want to miss.

Sunday June 2nd, 10 am – 1 pm

So now you’re wondering if there’s any way to get a WordCamp Orange County ticket. Well, there is. I have one ticket. I may have a friend or two that may have one free as well. So right down there, in the comments section, tell me why you deserve the free ticket.

Oh, and tweet this page out for your friends to see. I’ll match the comments and tweets and pick someone over the next few days.

I really look forward to seeing you on both Saturday & Sunday!

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