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Bet on yourself

When I was a senior in high school, there were tryouts for this musical that was going to be held in the Spring. I talked to some friends and the musical director and asked what they thought of me trying out.

Everyone suggested I should try, and suggested I try out for the number two role. It was a sizable role with solos and duets. So I took home the music and practiced.

If I had known how much work the musical was going to be, I’m not sure I would have tried out. If I had known that on opening night I was going to freeze, just moments before the show started, drawing a complete blank on everything, I might have skipped try outs.

As it turned out, listening to the tape and reading over the music, I decided to try out for the lead role. And when try outs came, I stood up when they asked if anyone wanted to try out for the lead spot. Trust me, people were surprised.

In the end, I got the spot, and thankfully, just two seconds into the first note of the musical, all the words came running back to my mind, and I did just fine.

The other day I was talking with a colleague about his video business. It’s a business that has done tons of work for huge names (you know), all creating various video products – like book trailers, product demos, and sizzle reels.

He’s gotten a lot of advice over the years. And this past year he’s shared some of his own. I’m a big fan and have been happy to hear his thoughts.

Our conversation, over email, focused on an aspect that is rarely talked about among small businesses and freelancers – the idea of buying out a partner.

It happens all the time. Partners start moving in different directions, or one partner suddenly needs to step away for family reasons, or one of twenty other reasons. But in the end, you’re left with a decision.

And it’s a decision that no one else can make for you. It doesn’t matter what advice you get from other people. You have to decide.

Will you bet on yourself?

And the answer should be simple. Every. Single. Time.

Yes. Always bet on you.

Because if you don’t bet on you, how can you invite others to bet on you?

As Chris, from Simplifilm, shared with me the story, it made me even more energized about ordering my speaking sizzle reel. It said, here’s a guy who goes for the lead spot, even when friends suggest the #2 role. Here’s someone who’s confident about his business and where it’s going.

But this story isn’t just about me in high school. It’s not even just about Chris and Simplifilm.

This is a story you’re already in. It’s your story. And the question you need to ask yourself every morning is simple.

Will you bet on yourself?

And the answer, each day, should be the same. Because people will bet on you only after you have made your own decision.

Bet on yourself. Every day.

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