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Beaver Builder: Creating a homepage with a video background


Create a Video Background in less than 10 minutes

Creating a video background hero shot on your homepage doesn’t have to be super difficult. The other day I received an email question about how to do it and I thought I would show you using Beaver Builder – an incredible solution for creating drag & drop page designs in WordPress.

Now this kind of approach is especially easy because I’m not just using Beaver Builder’s plugin. I’m also using Beaver Builder’s parent and child theme – available when you buy the Pro edition.

This is what gives you complete access to the Customizer and all of the theme settings that you see when I’m adjusting the header to get rid of it.

Making it happen in ten steps

Here are the specific steps to make this happen (for folks not watching the video, or prefer lists).

  1. Install Beaver Builder (plugin, theme and child theme)

  2. Create a Page

  3. Open up the page in Beaver Builder and choose the blank template

  4. Add a single column row

  5. Make the row full width

  6. Add a background video for the row

  7. Add an opacity layer

  8. Place text in the single column, adding margin to make the hero shot taller

  9. Add a menu to the site

  10. Add a menu on top of the single column from the advanced modules

That’s it. You hit “publish” and you’re good to go.

So if that’s what you’re looking to do, rest assured you can do it easily with Beaver Builder.

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