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Are you looking for WooCommerce help?


Every day I hear more people working on an eCommerce site. Today I talked to someone who was considering moving their externalized membership site to their own site, where they were already running WooCommerce.

They wanted help. They wanted to know if there was a simple guide to help them navigate the steps they’d have to take.

Unfortunately, there’s not. Because everyone wants something different.

But when it comes to getting WooCommerce help, here are several resources that you might appreciate.

Building a Membership Site?

If you’re building a membership site on WooCommerce, you’re going to want to use the Subscriptions Extension.

It boasts some of the best end user documentation I’ve seen for a plugin of its kind.

I’ve been particularly impressed with their deep understanding of upgrading / downgrading – which is a recent upgrade to their extension.

It’s clear that Brent Shepherd knows what he’s doing and the folks at Prospress are killing it.

Needing a Theme?

There’s no question that you can get a theme from WooThemes.

But what if you’re looking for something different? What if you’re using the Genesis Framework?

In that case, you might like to talk to my friends at Web Savvy Marketing.

Check out this WooCommerce theme they recently rolled out.

Need some Development help?

If you’re here, you likely need some help. It’s likely you even need more than a phone call with me.

If that’s the case, then let me introduce you to my friends at – a gathering of tons of WordPress experts who can help you tweak your site just the way you want it.

Most of the folks that reach out to me want a little help here or there. They have the kind of budget that is perfect for Codeable.

If that’s what you need, don’t waste time. Hit them up.

Want to meet in person?

Did I mention I’ll be in San Francisco, speaking at the first-ever WooCommerce conference?

Well, I will. And I’ll be talking about building your platform, using WooCommerce and a series of extensions.

But your platform is more than just a plugin. It’s about building the technology to support your business.

I think a few tickets are still left. So join me!

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