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Another eBook is on it's way – have you signed up for an early peek?

When I wrote my first management eBook on Managing Virtual Teams, I assumed a very limited group of people would read it – namely those who I spoke to about it and was already helping. But since it’s February release, it’s sold about 20 copies a month – consistently. Not a best seller, by any stretch, but far more than the number of people I was helping directly. And as the reviews came in, I found that I was having more and more conversations with people not only about virtual teams but about developer management in general.

My New eBook – Herding Cats

I’ve been managing software developers for about 18 years – in a variety of contexts (from 5 person teams, to departments of one and two hundred). And one things is clear – there is little about it that’s easy. In this new eBook, I cover the following ten topics:

  1. The one thing you have to do daily, and get right, all the time

  2. How to align your engineering team with your overall business (and it’s goals/strategies)

  3. The easiest way to collect product feedback rapidly so your projects don’t suck

  4. How to get your engineers to be fantastic presenters

  5. The trap most managers fall into when it comes to estimates

  6. How to develop a consistent approach to keep developers from becoming emotionally attached to their code

  7. The three fears your engineers feel the strongest

  8. How to learn from failure

  9. The one thing holding you back from greatness

  10. How to have healthy conflict

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