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8 out of 10 employees are waiting

It’s a horrible thing, but maybe you already know that. When employees were asked if they could answer positively that they felt like their job provided them a regular opportunity to work from their strengths (and passions), only 2 out of 10 could agree. Twenty percent. The other eighty percent of today’s workforce is sitting there waiting to be inspired, or waiting to be loosed on the challenges they see in front of them.

Are you empowering them or locking them down?

What are you doing with your staff to make sure they are working from their strengths? More importantly, do they even know what fuels them? After all, not everything they can do well is a strength. I can answer the phone pretty well, even make outbound calls just fine, but it’s a draining activity for me. So step one is helping them figure out where their skills and passions blend. Step two is crafting the position to help leverage those skills and passions. Are you doing that?

What can you do today to get started leading better?

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