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5 WooCommerce Extensions You may have Missed

This week I had lunch with a group of WordPress guys in San Diego and one of the questions asked was whether WooCommerce supported affiliates. It was a great question and not the first time I heard it, so I decided to make sure you knew about three offerings for WooCommerce that exist for affiliate marketing.

As I pulled that together, I realized that a couple of other extensions had come out that you might have missed. In what may become a weekly series, here’s a list of extensions for WooCommerce that you may have missed and that you may want to bookmark.

Affiliate Extensions

  1. Affiliate Marketing Extension by DenonStudio – Works like most, uses Paypal to make payouts, and you can customize commission rates.

  2. Amazon Affiliates Extension by AA Team – Lets you import Amazon products, enter your affiliate key, and produces all the product entries (along with photos).

  3. Affiliates Pro for WooCommerce by ITTHINX – Works well with WooCommerce, including coupon support and support for multiple commission structures

Other Recently Released (or Updated) Extensions

  1. WooCommerce Wish Lists by DVin – When people talk about wish lists and WooCommerce, they often do a search and find WishList (the membership software). Fortunately, an extension does exist that let’s you decide to put something on your own wishlist instead of buying it. Great for delaying some impulse purchases!

  2. Product Support by Brad Williams – The extension leverages BuddyPress or bbPress to deliver fantastic product support (like creating new posts in existing product-based focums, and putting purchasers into the right group based on what they bought).

So what extensions are you liking/using with WooCommerce?

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