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4 folks you missed at #CaboPress


We stayed at my favorite resort, the five star Fiesta Americana, in Cabo Del Sol – just north of downtown and away from crazy tourists.

It was an incredible time of rest and relaxation. But more than that, it was a time of insight, introspection and initiation. New things were started. Business models were challenged. And, of course, relationships were begun or deepened.

So here’s a quick summary of four folks you missed.

1. Syed Balkhi – people don’t truly understand how intelligent or insightful my friend Syed is until you spend time with him just hanging out. Lots of time. Because with each hour you gain more insight.

Syed isn’t just the owner of two wildly popular sites; he’s an Internet marketer and networking fiend. His advice to folks was incredible.

2. Cory Miller – If you’ve heard Cory speak, then you already know his humility and graciousness. But his wisdom from assembling and leading teams is always challenging – in it’s simplicity and directness.

One night Cory started answering a question by talking about his relationship with one of his developers and I didn’t want him to stop. “Just keep talking” was the scream in my head!

3. Rebecca Gill – Rebecca is the owner of Web Savvy Marketing. She’s also someone I’ve been coaching this year.

What was awesome to hear was her sharing as she explained how vale pricing had changed her business, in months, and immediately increased profits, dramatically – giving hope to everyone listening.

4. Karim Marucchi – I’m biased when I talk about my good friend Karim. But it was awesome to see others come to appreciate his mergers & acquisition experience as we talked about building partnerships with companies that can sometimes turn into a friendly merger.

Karim also knows a lot about building professional service teams and it came in handy for several folks multiple times over the weekend.

Here’s the Good News! The good news is that we’ll all be back together at WordCamp Miami – so you can meet them all there.

Alternatively, meet them online and on Twitter. Find and follow their sites and blogs. Read what they write and share.

Trust me, it’s better than waiting for a whole year for the next CaboPress!

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